A record of significant Post Scriptum games

Date: 06-26-19
Clan/group: 40-1, RIP
Opponents: 501EME
Map: Oosterbeek S08
Faction: British
Role: Staghound and Daimler Commander and Driver
Outcome: Victory

This match saw an early and unexpected close engagement with a squad of infantry, the destruction of a Sd.Kfz.222, and the careful engagement and lucky destruction of an enemy Panther tank. After the battle, Wabbit (now community manager) requested video footage from streamers and recorders which he then spliced together to create the above video.

Match name: PSFN W11
Date: 05-02-20
Clan/group: H&F, 11CIB, 122E
Opponents: 390IR, BIA & 10PD
Map: Driel RAAS
Faction: Both
Role: Armor Commander and Driver
Outcome: Victory and Victory

During two matches of the Post Scriptum Fight Night (PSFN) I played as an armor commander and driver with the Horst and Friends group. During the second half of the event a gem of a situation arose after an ugly assault against a dug in enemy wiped out most of our friendly infantry and severely damaged our tank, the Stug III. Our assault group reorganized ourselves with the Stug prioritizing enemy armor and then suppression of enemy infantry while friendly infantry protected our Stug and outflanked the enemy. A classic example of mutual support and absolute trust in each other that was caught on the cameras of the game broadcasters. A thank you to Horst and his mates for the invite and experience.

Match name: Op. Javelin
Date: 01-19-20
Clan/group: 40-1, 1stAL
Opponents: UBA, Sturm, 7ID
Map: Oosterbeek S04
Faction: Axis
Role: Panther Commander and Driver
Outcome: Defeat

This was the greatest game of Post Scriptum I can remember. Our armor section planned the operation for about 16 hours all told, paying off in the match with a survival time of half an hour in an urban environment with multiple counter attacks. Sturm played exceptionally well, with solid infantry tactics, but even better over all strategy. The end of the match saw our armor sections abandoning their vehicles as liabilities and fighting along side the infantry in a running gun fight with constant harassing mortars. This game had it all in such a fight that I still remember it crisply today. Even though it was a loss for our side, I can’t think of a better opponent to lose to, nor a better set of allies to lose with.